About the company 

DANMAR Chemical Company produces adjuvants - adhesive and moisturizing agents improving the efficiency of herbicides.

Adjuvants can be applied in a variety of ways in agriculture, forestry, fruit-farming and horticulture.

Our products are based on a technology that has been perfected through the years to provide effective and vast array of applications. Thanks to many years of experience and knowledge of the industry, we can offer a full range of chemical agents, at the same time delivering high quality products and guaranteeing fast completion of orders.

Danmar Chemical Company was established in 1984. In the early years the company was offering dishwashing liquids, liquid laundry detergents and automotive appearance products.

In 1988 the company started to produce the adjuvant SUPERAM 10 AL, equivalent to SANDOVIT made by Sandoz and CITOWETT made by BASF.

In 1991 the production of the first Polish oil adjuvant OLEJAN 85 EC has started.

1993 marked the beginning of cooperation with Research Institute of Forestry and Institute of Organic Industry, regarding the production of IKAR 95 EC adjuvant, used for aerial spraying of forests to fight off Lymantria monacha L. After registering the product in 1993, first forest sprayings were conducted near Lublin and Wrocław. Thanks to cooperation with General Directorate of State Forests and individual Regional Directorates of State Forests, the production of IKAR 95 EC, used to fight off Lymantria monacha, mainly in conjunction with the DIMILIN agent, exceeded 700 tons. It was the highest sales level of the agent.

In the following years we have broadened our activities, establishing cooperation with Forest Inspectorates of State Forests. Since then the IKAR EC 95 agent have been purchased not by the General Directorate, but by the forest inspectorates that had been granted the right to choose the agents and the methods of conducting the aerial sprayings. The company was actively participating in the series of field trainings, arranged by Forest Protection Teams. It let us to establish direct contacts with employees charged with protection of forests against pests and with afforestation of formerly arable lands.

The company has been gradually broadening its operations, started to export IKAR 95 EC to Czech Republic and established cooperation with Uniroyal Chemical, which opened export possibilities to Eastern Europe countries.

In 1999 Danmar signed a distribution agreement to deliver the DIMILIN agent for General Directorate of State Forests. With the help of Uniroyal Chemical representatives the company was able to deliver five tons of DIMILIN.

At present Danmar produces six agents, widely used in agriculture, fruit-farming, plant nursery, forestry and horticulture.