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DANMAR Chemical Company produces adjuvants - adhesive and moisturizing agents
improving the efficiency of pesticides.

Adjuvants can be applied in a variety of ways in agriculture, forestry, fruit-farming
and horticulture.

Our products are based on a technology that has been perfected through the years
to provide effective and vast array of applications. Thanks to many years of experience
and knowledge of the industry, we can offer a full range of chemical agents, at the same
time delivering high quality products and guaranteeing fast completion of orders.

Advantages of using adjuvants 
  • surface tension of pesticides' working solution is reduced
  • evenness of working solution covering the surface of sprayed leaves of weeds is improved
  • the rate of washing out the agent by rainfall and heavy dew is reduced
  • evenness of covering the surfaces of plants, especially the ones hard to moisturize, e.g., covered with waxy coating (flower bud plants, carnations) is improved
  • effectiveness of pesticides is improved, which enables to reduce the number of doses recommended so far, as well as to lower the costs of spraying